[Vid] Weekends Away Call for a ‘Toast the Coast’

Heading down to Coastal VA on a weekend away from DC?  Check out the area’s Toast the Coast, a guide to the area’s beer, wine and spirits establishments, and get your passport stamped for every venue you visit!

The Toast the Coast pocket guide is a convenient fold-out map that contains categorized listings
of breweries, wineries, and distilleries that stretch from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to New
Kent County.

There are sub-trails, like the popular 4 Taps 4 Cities sub-trail, which encourages beer lovers to collect stamps from breweries in different cities to earn prizes.  And a new sub-trail has just been added!  3 Barrels 3 Cities invites sampling of spirits from three distilleries in three different cities: Newport News, Hampton, and Smithfield.

We stopped in to Tradition Brewing Company in Newport News, VA to earn our first passport stamp.  According to Tradition’s Doug Porter, a self-proclaimed IPA guy, recommend’s Tradition’s Continental Divide IPA, but assures they “have something for everybody.”  [See more in the video above.]

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