There’s a New 7-7-7 Happy Hour at Jardenea

20170201_181932_6_bestshotHad a long day at work?!  Here’s a great way to relax, unwind, and perhaps welcome the onslaught of colder nights.

The Melrose Georgetown Hotel’s restaurant, Jardenea, is now offering a special Happy Hour — dubbed 7-7-7 — this winter season. Each 7 in the title carries with it special significance: Small plates cost $7 each; Cocktails are only $7; And valet parking at the hotel costs $7 as well!

Happy hour at Jardenea runs from 5 PM until 7 PM, where the soothing color scheme of white, gray, and black in a nicely lit seating area can help you unwind.20170201_170958_3_bestshot

And their cocktail drinks really stand out!  The Pomegranate Martini is easy to drink and lingers with a subtle taste of pomegranate. The Negroni is fairly strong and reminds the taster of a sunset, also because the liquid is a deep orange color. The Hemingway, a nod to the late writer Ernest Hemingway, is surprisingly mild, but definitely boozy. The Tamarind Margarita is sweet and mild. The Whiskey Sour, when taken in large gulps, is similar to eating WarHeads Candy, which means that it packs a sour punch, but thankfully is a little balanced because of its sweetness.

Food offered by Executive Chef Nelson Erazo complements these craft cocktails well.   Erazo may be new to the restaurant, but he knew to keep popular Chesapeake Bay Chicken Wings on his menu, while adding new elements, like Winter Harvest Brussels Sprouts, and putting his own twist on the existing Jardenea’s Bacon and Blue Chips (Instead of potato wedges, expect potato chips in his version).

Since the menu changes seasonally, grab ahold of this opportunity before these Lucky 7s melts away…