Ivy & Coney opens New Years’ Day

What’s in for 2014?  Maybe the newest bar not on 14th street.

Ivy and Coney, the little 7th street bar that could (with funding donations from Indiegogo), finally announced New Years’ Day 2014 as its official opening date, unlocking its doors early (10 AM) for “brunch” — read: a small bowl of Fruit Loops and a shot of Jameson.

Expect all the hot dogs you can eat, plus, a few of your favorite beers on tap. Nothing over $6.

According to a press release announcing opening plans from last August:
The menu includes Chicago-style and Detroit Coney-style hot dogs, Chicago Italian beefs, peanuts, and cracker jacks. The beers will include Strohs, Old Style, Goose Island 312, and Bell’s Two Hearted along with a quality selection of spirits and sodas. All of these can be enjoyed while sports (with an emphasis on Chicago, Detroit, and D.C. teams) play across several TVs throughout the bar.

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