Stop Schlepping It, StoreMe Your Stuff!

If you arrive early or stay in the city after check-out when booked at one of DC’s many great hotels, you know you can ask to keep your bags and belongings at luggage storage.  But what if you’re one of DC’s growing number of AirBnBers? Or maybe you’ve just Megabus’d or Amtrak’d down to the city for a day jaunt?

Security concerns restrict Raegan Airport from have lockers or storage facilities.  Now, there is a luggage storage room outside of Union Station’s Gate A, but they charge by size, number of pieces, and by the hour… so it definitely adds up quick.

Ugh!  How many times have you wished there were an app for on-demand luggage and bag storage at multiple places around the city??  Woot! We just found one!

StoreMe is currently DC’s only storage app with a network of convenient “drop-off” locations that makes it perfect for both travelers and busy DCers to seminar or sightsee all over town without schlepping all of their stuff.

According to CEO and founder Peter Korbel (a DC native!) he founded StoreMe while lugging a work bag around during a snowstorm.  Now, StoreMe includes a range of cafes, boutiques, and other local businesses, leveraging existing space around the city.

From your iPhone, it’s easy to find a venue to store items of all sizes – from a gym bag to luggage, by the hour or by the day – at reasonable rates.  Locations are rated and items are insured, so you can leave them with peace of mind until you’re ready to pick up.

That’s safe and smart storage!

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