Sample Sale Threads and Italian Breads

The event was finally here… with a line to rival only that of the corrall at the Filene’s Basement Wedding Dress Dash… the District Sample Sale! For the third year (my second attending and participating in the Haute Committee), the old Staples Warehouse in Georgetown held booth after booth of designer label delights. Most of our amazingly chic local boutiques in one place – and the clothing on sale!! I felt even better after my shopping spree knowing that a portion of the proceeds benefit Miriam’s House.

It’s true that the each year’s increasing crowds make perusing the racks almost as uncomfortable as searching through the bins at the semi-annual Victoria’s Secret Sale. But the great eats and fun beats kept you in a good mood, and the rush just made finding that perfect outfit (at a steal of a deal!) that much more worth it.

When I finally did have to give up and realize that the adorable purple sundress I had been eyeing was never going to magically transform into my size, I left it lonely on the rack and headed to meet friends at Piola for the restaurant’s 2nd anniversary celebration. The night – Molto Bene!