Hoops for Hope

For nine years, The American League of Lobbyists and members of Congress have joined together in Hoops for Hope. Each is an exciting year of basketball and a time to make a worthwhile contribution to the local community. Hoops for Hope raises funds for Hill Help, Horton’s Kids, and the Luke Tiahrt Foundation to provide eyeglasses, braces, and tutoring for DC Youth.

I was there for the first of two games with my good friend (and 3rd Runner Up at the National Sweetheart Pageant) Michelle Crosby. John Byrd, of MAPPS, invited us to attend, so I chose to cheer for the Lobbyists, while Michelle rooted for the MoCs. This first game (actually played by Congressional staffers vs. Lobbyists) was handily won by the Congressional staffers. Sorry, John – you played well!
The second game would be played by Members of Congress against Lobbyists. I didn’t get to stay to watch, but those Reps. sure did look tough!

This event expects to raise over $250,000! I was proud to be a part of the night and cheer for those making a difference for our kids.