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Or… Reasons that I’m going to be as fat as a Queen sized bed!

Michael Kosmides held his official welcoming party to Teatro Goldoni Thursday night. Although most of us were in attendance at the “soft opening” (girlfriend Colleen Morrow’s birthday party), there were plenty of enticements to have us go back for seconds.

I don’t know how he did it, but in the space of a magical 24 hours, Mike tranformed the interior of Teatro from a superior restaurant, to a superior restuarant with a super chic enhanced bar area and an over the top “private party” room in the back. Good to great happens fast!

And he instituted something I’ve seen only at Posh Supper Club – a membership card, in limited number – and I got one! Dining discounts and specials. And if I visit often enough (which I’m sure I will) a chance to return to Venice.

And – as if I hadn’t sampled enough of Chef Fabrizio Aielli’s culinary concoctions, I finally tasted the lobster rissoto, a Teatro Goldoni signature dish, that was every bit as scrumptious as described. Absolutely. Heavenly.