[Party Pix] Inside Room to Rebloom’s Empowerment Party on the Potomac

In conjunction with Entertainment Cruises and the National Elite Private YachtRoom to Rebloom hosted a “Rebloom on the River” cruise on Wednesday, October 25th in an effort to raise awareness about domestic violence and the positive impact of design in rebuilding survivors’ lives.
Jackie Oblinger, Director, Corporate Relationships, New England College of Business and Linda Circo, Director of Sales and Marketing, Entertainment Cruises
The mission of Room to Rebloom is to empower low income women and families in the National Capital Area who have been victims of domestic violence by providing them with design services and other resources needed to create beautiful home environments and rebuild their lives.
Bethany Kazaba, CEO of Neighborhood Retail Group, and Gianni Di Giovanni, Chairman of Eni Petroleum and Chairman of Eni USA R&M
Entertainment Cruises donated a dinner cruise for four to the Experience Extravaganza giveaway and all guests received a commemorative glass. In addition, event sponsor In Honor of Her, a nonprofit founded in memory of Marijke McMahon, whose life tragically ended as a result of domestic violence, addressed guests about the importance of spreading awareness and continued efforts to end the violence.
Room to Rebloom Board: Sherry Moeller of MoKi Media, Enid McKitrick, Kia Weatherspoon, Liz Levin, Lyn McGann, Christie Stute
Mike Phillips, Brooke Phillips, Michelle Tavenner, Aislinn Fones, and Tommy Tavenner
Vicente Neto, Melissa Bindeman, Zahra Keihani, Melissa Cooley, Carolyn Elleman
Julia Walter of Boffi Georgetown and Chris Jensen
Bev Moreland, Liz Sarvinas and Mary Jane Aizkalns
Will DeFrancis and Courtney Perrone
– Photo Credit: Joy Asico –