Meet DC’s Little Square Picture Book

6 inch square book medium size DSC_0055What’s an easy-to-take-home DC gift, memento, or award for conference speakers/committees/boards/PAC donors?  It’s a question you hear (and ask!) all the time.  But the answer can be elusive when you’re looking for something more “DC” than a 3 for $5 tourist tee or a flag pin.

DC photographer and entrepreneur Jake McGuire set out to solve the problem and showcase the Capital City in his own special way when he created ‘Washington, D.C., A Little Square Picture Book.’ It’s a 6×6 inch, soft-bound and light weight gift-sized coffeetable book with McGuire’s favorite images of the Nation’s Capital.

Photographers worldwide have snapped spectacular scenes of the city, but no one can curate it quite like a local!

McGuire’s books feature dozens of the city’s highlights as well as truly memorable moments… when many think the city is at its best.  (When does McGuire think DC is at its finest?  “Dawn! Little traffic, lots of color, an earthy smell to the air with morning mist or Potomac fog.”)

Perhaps one of his best catches — and definitely a preferred part of the book — is his shot of Marine One, the Presidential helicopter flying down the National Mall.  “People ask how I achieved it,” he shared.  “I tell them: I was at the right place, at the right time, with the right lens, pointed in the right direction.  As Louis Pasteur once said, ‘Chance favors…the prepared mind.'”

When he’s not angling for his next hot shot, you might catch him Happy Houring at Taberna del Alabardo. “[There’s] great people watching, and it’s very international as people from the nearby World Bank and IMF drop in (or stroll by) with their stylish attire and colorful accents!” It’s his personal favorite place in Washington — not photographed or mentioned in the book (yet!).

McGuire told K Street Magazine that he started by printing a small batch of sample books, entitled Washington D.C., a Little Square Picture Book years ago.  Seven editions and countless corporate clients later, he continues to document DC in its quintessential glory.

So the next time you’re looking for that gift that’s oh-so-DC, think about the Little Square Picture Book.  The best prices are available when purchased in bulk, but individual copies are available for retail at White house Gifts (701 15th Street NW).

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