Libertarians Go “Mad” at Themed Dinner

Libertarian “Mad Men” of all stripes turned out Tuesday night for The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s annual themed dinner at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill.

“There’s a saying that if two libertarians meet and agree on everything, each is sure that the other has completely sold out,” joked Fred L. Smith, Jr. Founder and President.  “At CEI, we believe that it’s important to dance with everyone – you just don’t need to get married. Tolerance is a much more important value than validation.”

The philosophy resonates with a few prominent figures like G. Gordon Liddy, newsman Jim Angle, and U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan… who shared his views on free enterprise and the future direction of the country in a keynote address at the Mad Men Dinner.

Federal Judge Loren Smith, who served as the master of ceremonies, also elicited laughs from the audience, staging a cell phone call from President Obama.

Smoking “swag bags” stogies, and “dancing with everyone,” those “Mad” guests went home happy.

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