Investing in Women: "Women's Liberation is Men's Liberation"

by Jordana Merran 
The Polish Embassy took a hit during DC’s freak earthquake earlier this Fall; but that didn’t stop the Foundation for Social and Cultural Advancement from celebrating its third year boosting women’s education across the world. Moved to the Center for American States, last night’s benefit gala, entitled “Investing in the Whole Woman,” highlighted the nonprofit’s mission to empower women within their communities.
“A lot of programs focus on teaching a girl how to read, but what good is that really going to do [without also giving her the need or desire to do so],” explained Dr. Sophia Aguirre, President of Foundation SCA and Professor of Economics at Catholic University. That’s why Aguirre and her colleagues around the world identify local education programs that “focus on the whole person,” and provide funding and technical support.
Though Aguirre hopes to expand to different types of programs in the future, targeting women’s education has been a priority because of its “multiplier effect”—investing in women delivers results for them but also for their communities.

Guest speaker and distinguished philanthropist Edward W. Scott, Jr. gave a different reason. “Women’s liberation is men’s liberation!” he joked.

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