Inside ‘Titanic: The Exhibition’ at National Harbor

Life-sized recreation of a hallway on board Titanic at Titanic: The Exhibition. Image: Kate Michael

There’s a reason the story of the Titanic continues to fascinate over 100 years after that fateful morning of April 15th, 1912. It’s the people, the stories, the what-ifs and but-fors. And even as we learn more, mysteries remain.

An exhibit currently on view at National Harbor – created by award-winning exhibitions creator and producer Musealia – takes DC-area visitors into the tragedy like never before with over 200 objects, personal artifacts, and thoroughly researched stories of the people, the ship, and the history of it all.

After successful tours in New York and London, Titanic: The Exhibition is on view (currently through January 7, 2024). The experience brings a selection of personal artifacts never-before-seen in the area, with many that tell touching stories of the ship’s passengers and crew.

Actual artifacts from a passenger — that inspired the Titanic movie screenplay — displayed at Titanic: The Exhibition. Image: Kate Michael

In this multisensory exhibit, an audio guide takes visitors through the exhibit; there is an iceberg to touch, and see life-sized recreations of some of the ship’s interiors!

While hearing about the people aboard history’s most legendary ship, visitors travel back in time through photographs, handwritten letters, wayward keepsakes, and other personal belongings. And there are a few items recovered from the Titanic and the icy waters on display as well.

More than a century after the 1912 tragedy that claimed the lives of 1,496 people, this Titanic exhibit isn’t just a history display or spectacle. It’s an homage that’s highly worth a visit.

Tickets are available for purchase through Fever’s marketplace with pricing starting at $29.50 for adults and $20.50 for children.


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