Inside An Oscar-Worthy Gilt City Warehouse Sale

Gilt City Warehouse Sale 8On Friday evening, Gilt City returned to Washington, DC with its annual warehouse sale, attracting droves of people who formed a long line to the event entrance.

The Gilt City Warehouse Sale was a chance for people to refresh their wardrobes with something trendy or just plain stylish. The shoes included heels and short boots. The clothes varied from winter pieces to spring and even summer articles of clothing. Warehouse sale customers could also decide if they wanted to spruce up their professional or casual wardrobes. For those who had a lot of money to burn, they could have splurged on dresses that were labeled Oscar-worthy on the rack.Gilt City Warehouse Sale 9

The shopping experience, while much anticipated, was a challenging endeavor to those who aren’t fashion experts. The warehouse sale experience was, more often than not, akin to shopping at a consignment store, where an item can catch your eye, but is confined to a specific size. Granted, a tweed dress that was light pink in color was sold at sizes zero and 10, but there were no other sizes in between.  Knowing what your size is in European numbers is also important for the shopping experience, especially if the clothing item only has the size listed in the European way. While navigating through the morass of potential finds, however, it was helpful to have a laminated piece of paper, which included listing tags by color or handwriting and guided customers when it comes to

Gilt City Warehouse Sale 10whether or not there are further reductions to the already reduced prices.

The Gilt City Warehouse Sale is a shopping adventure – what you come out with is only one part of the experience. What is more important is the journey itself and taking the time to find the item or items you didn’t know you needed.

Images courtesy Gilt City.