House of Sweden Debuts New Exhibit on AI In Real Life

World Resource Institute’s Evan Tachovsky speaks at the opening of House of Sweden’s ‘Artifical Intelligence in Real Life’ exhibit. Image: Kate Michael

A new exhibit at the House of Sweden shows how Artificial Intelligence is already being used in real life — for better or worse.

The exhibit, “under the captivating spirit of Nobel, aims to illuminate the duality of AI: It’s potential for immense good and the significant challenges it presents,” Swedish Ambassador to the U.S. Urban Ahlin said — and that was just in the ChatGPT- prepared portion of his remarks.

Artificial Intelligence in Real Life: How Sweden in Putting AI to Good Use is an “intellectual and evaluative journey” with myriad impacts on society that highlights some of the latest Swedish innovations that are using AI.

“Sweden, maybe, may not be the home to the large tech giants… and maybe we won’t be producing NVIDIA’s Blackwell chips, but our expansion collaborative environment across industry, academia, and government enables Sweden to be a trailblazer in applying AI.”

This exhibition explores how various Swedish companies and organizations are developing and implementing artificial intelligence in life sciences, clean tech, and social sciences, using the tech as a tool to make things easier … hopefully without the worst parts of the technology that are also possible.


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This exhibition will be on display Saturdays and Sundays between 12-5 PM.
Admission is free, no registration needed, but a government issued photo ID is required to enter House of Sweden.