[Vid] Inside the 15th Annual Home Runs for Horton’s Kids

The 15th annual Home Runs for Horton’s Kids took place at Nationals Ballpark on Wednesday, July 12th.

For the first time, the non-profit used the fundraising event especially to celebrate the children and families enrolled in Horton’s Kids’ programs and how they have worked with the organization to improve their lives and their community.

Attendees enjoyed field play, face painting, balloon animals, caricatures, races with the Nationals President mascots, and stadium treats while celebrating the community and raising funds for Horton’s Kids’ important work.

Guests enjoy an evening at Nationals Ballpark for the 15th annual Home Runs for Horton’s Kids.

This non-profit organization helps kids and families in Southeast DC by providing tutoring, healthy meals, and fun activities like field trips.

K Street Magazine spoke with some Horton’s Kids participants who said the field trips were the best part, but Samej also admitted that “it’s learning, but they turn it into a fun experience, and I’ve met a lot of friends here.”

Not only does it provide an enriching environment, but Horton’s Kids is proud to report that the kids who participate in its programs are twice as likely to graduate from high school compared to their peers in the same neighborhoods.