Love Narnia? Go “Beyond the Wardrobe” and See “The Horse and His Boy” at Museum of the Bible

“Beyond the Wardrobe” exhibit at Museum of the Bible. Image: Kate Michael

Step into Narnia at The Museum of the Bible!

Guests go “Beyond the Wardrobe” at an interactive walk-through event that is also the largest collection of memorabilia used in Narnia films and stage productions. See notable memorabilia, including the White Witch’s dress from the first movie, the letters of Mr. Tumnus, Mr. Beaver’s dam, and a particularly poignant scene with Aslan from one of the film’s most critical moments.

But it’s Logos Theatre’s performances of “The Horse and His Boy,” adapted from C.S. Lewis’ classic series novel, that really brings the Narnia chronicle and its message to life at the Museum’s World Stage Theater.

“Beyond the Wardrobe” exhibit at Museum of the Bible. Image: Kate Michael

Only the second major performance to be staged here (Amazing Grace astounded us in its second run in 2019), “The Horse and His Boy” is also in its second run at the intimate, but impressive theatre, which shouldn’t be overlooked by DC theatre lovers… or any fan of Narnia, of course.

While the story is perfectly placed in the Museum of the Bible — with its brilliant and almost imperceptible blend of magic, myth, and religious teachings — the performance itself is formidable enough to be enjoyed by even those who simply want to get lost in the world of Narnia or see a Broadway-level play (and the Museum welcomes all).

“Beyond the Wardrobe” exhibit at Museum of the Bible. Image: Kate Michael

Perhaps one of the lesser-known of the Narnia chronicles, “The Horse and His Boy” is an epic journey that — extremely simplified — involves two young adventurers and their talking equine companions trying to escape fates they all consider worse than death and trying to make it to Narnia.

Brilliant puppetry, highly professional production, and a large talented cast (though it is considerably reduced from Logos Theatre’s staging at its home theatre in North Carolina) allow “The Horse and His Boy” to mesmerize even the most avid theatre-goers. And, the 472-seat World Stage Theatre is more intimate than most for this level of performance, allowing guests to feel the intensity, heightened by the galloping of the puppet horses, the creep of the dry-ice fog, and the roar of Aslan.

Great for any theater or Narnia fan — including children of all ages — “The Horse and His Boy” does require some fortitude, it’s an over three-hour show with a fifteen-minute intermission.  (The theatre itself is also rather cold. Bring a sweater.)

Shows run through August 6, 2023, Thursdays–Saturdays at 2:00 and 7:00 p.m., and Sundays at 2:00 p.m. A special Backstage pass also allows guests the chance to meet and take photos with some of the iconic characters and favorite puppets from the show!

Note: This performance does not include museum entry. If you want to tour the Museum of the Bible, separate tickets are required. “Beyond the Wardrobe,” open through August 6 also requires a separate entry at $7.99 for The Beyond the Wardrobe Experience and $11.99 for The Beyond the Wardrobe VIP experience, which can be added to any general admission museum ticket.