Hailo! Another App Makes it Easy to Catch a Cab

Say Hailo to another taxi app!

London based Hailo is the latest app to try to ease DC’s taxi trials and tribulations.  Launched earlier this month in the nation’s capital — Hailo’s 9th major city launch, and its 4th in the US — the app boasts cashless taxi convenience, and a $10 credit in your account upon registration.  It also claims to be the first cab-caller app to meet the city’s new regulations for digital e-hailing.

From our angle, it’s all pros.  Hailing a taxi with Hailo takes two taps.  You’ll know the amount you’re going to pay up front (no hidden fees and no rush hour surcharges).  And… you’ll be participating (and maybe even saving) a local tradition: listening to NPR and having that all-important cultural chat/political argument with your cabbie.


*Use this code for a $10 Hailo fare credit thanks to K Street Magazine: KSM10

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