DC Gets Exposed: New Photography Hub Announced

“I love filling my Instagram feed with a cross-section of cats/food/travel photography like everyone else,” admits DCist Exposed Photography Show founder Heather Goss.  “There’s nothing wrong with photography just being fun. But good photography has always been about having a good eye and — some people forget this — having the editing skills to know which 2 of the 100 photos you took last night are worth looking at, and deleting the rest.”

Goss, an unapologetically inspired photographer, today celebrated DCist Exposed’s transition to a new, independent year-round venture: Exposed DC organized by Goss alongside James Calder, Meaghan Gay, Sanjay Suchak and Megan Fogarty.

This new city photo hub not only highlights local photography, but offers lessons and information for shutter snap enthusiasts of all skill and interest levels.  “Having readily available tools gives more people the opportunity to find out they have talent, and inspires others to work towards it,” says Goss.  “A good photographer will see things happening no one else is seeing.”

Exposed DC will expand the former DCist Exposed annual contest and gallery show, plus offer opportunities for photography mixers, host informal competitions, and “compile the most comprehensive event calendar available for photo-related exhibits, lectures, workshops, contests and other opportunities in DC.”

Images are more essential than ever in today’s increasingly social world, according to Goss, who suggests that “real storytelling has always had, and needed, many kinds of formats. And the photos that successfully tell those stories will always rise to the top.”

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