Crash Course in Culture: Indonesia

“Multiculturalism should be the new global PC,” insisted Ambassador Dino Patti Djalal, speaking to invited guests at his home in celebration of the upcoming Indonesia Festival.  Attendees whetted their appetites for Indonesian culture in anticipation of the daylong (free!) traditional festival, held on July 9, 1-9 PM, on the North Lawn of the Washington Monument.

Upcoming food, fun and festivities include performances by Grammy nominated Raheem DeVaughn, Air Supply and Indonesian Maestro Daeng Udjo (also on hand at the Ambassador’s residence Thursday evening)…

But both the Ambassador and his wife admit that the most magical music will be made by the angklungs – the Ambassador’s favorite!  Festival go-ers and Ambassador Djalal will have the chance to set a new Guiness World Record with these traditional Indonesian bamboo instruments by playing in the largest angklung concert in history.  Join in!

The wife of the Indonesian Ambassador introduces guests to a special cultural instrument, the ang klung, which she and her her husband both play. Video embed:

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