Conveniently Clean: Homejoy Comes to the Capitol

Today is the day you start clearing dust bunnies to make room for Easter bunnies.

Today is the day, because today a new service called Homejoy launches to clean su casa (or your office) in the Washington region.  The already popular platform which launched in San Francisco and expanded to San Jose, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Chicago, and Dallas before launching in DC, connects households and businesses with reliable cleaning service professionals — and promises to make spring cleaning a breeze.

Here’s how it works: Book online in less time than it takes to chastise that groundhog for his poor predictions.  Enter your zip code, number of rooms, and special tasks… like laundry, cabinet cleaning, or the dreaded oven scrubbing, and Homejoy will calculate how long that should take, suggest a price for the services, and send info (plus a picture!) of a local service (with workers all fluent in English!) that can do it when convenient for you.   It’s like custom cleaners on call.

Today’s a good day.  You’ve got it maid.

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