Old School Italian ‘Carbonara’ Opens in Ballston

Carbonara at the Grand Opening. Image: Kate Michael

Chef Mike Cordero opened the new CarbonaraOld School Italian & Wine Bar in Ballston (3865 Wilson Boulevard) last week.

This old-world Italian ristorante serving classico wines focuses on southern Italian food like hearty bready pizzas, house-made pasta, savory chicken and veal, and decadent tiramisu.

Chef said this place “reflects [his] early years as an Italian chef” — he started at age 15 making meatballs at an Italian restaurant in New York!

“I put my heart into Carbonara to create a new menu concept that features an old-school Italian cuisine that reflects my early years as an Italian chef,” said Cordero. “I worked closely with my sons on this project and instilled my passion for cooking Italian cuisine. Carbonara’s menu is a modern blend of classic Italian elements.”

Not only does Carbonara have ample seating indoors and at the bar, for dining alfresco, the corner spot features a 1,500-square-foot patio. And on certain nights, live entertainers will perform traditional Italian music and classic pop melodies.


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Carbonara is open daily for lunch and dinner and offers takeout and buyout options for private events.