Blue Hope Bash To Cull Energy for Colorectal Cancer Cure: “Drill, Baby, Drill”

“I’m exhausted — we’re all exhausted,” said Lombardi Comprehensive Care Center‘s John L. Marshall (below left).  The Hematologist/Oncologist — and Dr. to Chris 4 Life Colon Cancer Foundation Founder Michael Sapienza‘s late Mother — spoke to a ballroom of the non-profit’s supporters during a second annual fundraising Blue Hope Bash held at the Park Hyatt last week.

“I know everybody in this room on a certain level is a little tired.  So, where do you get the energy?” he asked of the crowd in attendance, which included Congressman Dan Boren (D-OK), Celebrity Chef Rock Harper and Star of ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelor Pad Michelle Money (with date, below right).

“You get it when you’re facing those patients that are desperate for some better answers.  You get it from an evening like this where people of all sorts of walks come together to say ‘We have to do a better job.'”

Now one of the leading colorectal cancer advocacy organizations in the country, Chris 4 Life has awarded some $100,000 in financial assistance to colorectal cancer patients, produced the first Colorectal Cancer Research Guide and partnered on multiple awareness efforts.  Currently, it has pledged over $1.8 million towards finding a cure.

“So if you’re a oncologist or a surgeon or a gastrointerologist, get up and go to work tomorrow,” Marshall urged.  “And if you’re the rest of you all, help fund what we’re doing.  We can do it together.  Drill, Baby. Drill!

*All photos credit Vithaya Photography

One thought on “Blue Hope Bash To Cull Energy for Colorectal Cancer Cure: “Drill, Baby, Drill”

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