“Awkward Sex… And the City” Will Make You Laugh, Learn

20150724_212801_7_bestshotNew York City attracts all kinds of people, including dreamers who want to make it in the Big Apple. People moving to Washington, DC can relate.  There’s a desire to reach a level of financial comfort… while at the same time living in close proximity to all kinds of fun and entertainment.

Earlier this month, The Bier Baron Tavern had a special show going on that was a great accompaniment to the beer and indulgent bar food. The show, Awkward Sex… And the City,” returned to DC with new stories to share. To take things over the top, five storytellers — Carly Ann Filbin, Emmy Harrington, Jamie LeeLo, Meghan O’Malley, and the show’s host, Natalie Wall — told their stories like they were doing stand-up comedy.

The purpose of sharing these stories is more than to make you laugh… or cringe.. but to make you feel better about yourself and the intimate part of your life. Stories carry take-home lessons, such as how forgoing both a condom and birth control can lead to an unwanted pregnancy (duh!), the possibility that a woman is dating a man who is gay (sigh), the fact that there is such a thing as foot fetish (eep!), and how a weird story with kiwis might make you famous among middle school peers (ummmm…).

Just awkward enough to be kind of amazing.