2020 and Feeling Blues? Artechouse Has the Exhibit For You

Image courtesy: Artechouse/Crystalline

It would surprise no one who has lived through 2020 that the Pantone Color of the Year was Classic Blue. But ARTECHOUSE takes the blues out of their doldrums and highlights instead their peace and tranquility. Its latest exhibit at its DC flagship, Crystalline, attempts to center our thoughts on rest and resilience. And it’s an outing worthy of the blues (in the best way).

“During these unprecedented times as a society, we have found ourselves in a new state of existence. Before 2020 even began, Pantone selected Classic Blue as the color of the year because they saw it as the hue to sustain us during a time of change,” said Sandro Keserelidze, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of ARTECHOUSE. “2020 ended up bringing changes no one expected, making the hue of Classic Blue, and the qualities it represents, more relevant now than ever before. We couldn’t think of a more timeless and timely theme to end the year and launch a new chapter of experiences.”

Crystalline is about curiosity. The exhibit pushes the limits of our perception of blue as we travel on an adventure through a blue-hued castle. It’s surreal, yet it feels familiar. And each room is a discovery of surroundings and self.

As guests wander through, they’ll explore Classic Blue’s dependable qualities — in connection with the earth and crystals — on a technology-powered journey.  They will find themselves submerged in blue sights, sounds, and feelings, ultimately ending in a tranquil refuge at the end of their visit (and the end of this challenging year).

Crystalline runs through January 3, 2021 at DC’s ARTECHOUSE, located at 1238 Maryland Ave SW.