Grab Your Seats: STOMP Comes to National Theatre on 25th Anniversary Tour

There’s a reason why people of all ages have loved STOMP since it began as a street performance in the UK over 25 years ago.  For adults, it’s an audible and visual rhythmic feast.  For youth, it’s proof that you can make noise music with just about anything.

For it’s silver anniversary — 25 years touring! — the eight-member percussion troupe brings its stomping sensation to the National Theatre through Sunday, April 28th.  They fill the stage with toe tapping- and finger drumming- along sound, using everything BUT traditional percussion instruments.

Brooms, matchboxes, wooden poles, garbage cans, zippo lighters, paint cans… even shopping carts and trash are turned into sound makers.  And even if you’ve seen it before, you’ll delight in some new sections of the show — like tractor tire inner tubes and basketballs! — that bring new sound surprises.

It’s all there in a 95 minute show that stomps without stopping (no intermission) and also has comic relief for the whole family.

*Images credit Steve McNicolas for STOMP

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