Woolley’s ‘There’s Always the Hudson’ a Fury Quest

Photo Credit:Teresa Castracane Photography

Two fractured souls have made a gritty death pact and as they dance with the deadline—and their own personal demons—they let loose a fury quest for revenge and reparations in an attempt to right their worlds and selves before the clock ticks to zero.

Photo Credit:Teresa Castracane Photography

This world premiere play by Paola Lázaro, There’s Always the Hudson, on now at Woolley Mammoth Theatre, takes an unflinching look at confronting trauma through the stories of Lola, played with ferocity by the playwright herself, and the charmingly neurotic T, portrayed by Justin Weaks.

The oddball pair forged a bond through years in a support group for sexual abuse survivors, and the backstories driving their rage and pain unfold over the course of the play. An adaptable ensemble cast (Elan Zafir, Migs Govea, Marilyn Torres, Diego Maramba) portrays a series of characters that have left footprints on Lola and T, revisited on a rabbit hole-like no holds barred quest for revenge/redemption—none of which turns out as planned.

Photo Credit:Teresa Castracane Photography

Paola Lázaro’s There’s Always the Hudson is unapologetically raw, confronting trauma, abuse, addiction, sexual misfunction, and the roadblocks to healing and survival. It is also cracked throughout with unexpected comedy, mining the tender humor that arises when people discover they have nothing left to lose.

Director Jess McLeod has created space for the characters to wrestle with the performance’s “sixth man,” deep and unreconciled pain, as well as its true heart, how the bonds we forge with our chosen family can carry us through.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This play deals in graphic adult themes and language. It may not be for everyone. In an effort to be transparent, Woolly Mammoth provides a fuller description of the plot and contents. For content warnings, please click here.

There’s Always the Hudson is playing at Woolley Mammoth Theater (641 D Street NW, Washington, DC 20004) through June 5, 2022. Running time: approximately 90 minutes with no intermission. For information or tickets, call the box office at (202) 393-3939, or click here.