Snowball Express Fundraiser with Everclear

I hope you didn’t miss the exciting FREE Everclear concert in Crystal City on Sunday. I was busy doing life maintenance (yes, I do somehow have to find time to wash the clothes and clean the condo!) but friends that made it told me about how awesome it was. Elle Collver sent me this great close-up picture…

Although I missed the big performance, I did make it out to the afterparty to benefit Snowball Express, a charity which has created a support network for the families of our fallen heroes. These families are heroes in their own right! For two years, the organization has arranged a huge event to gather these families and allow them time to try to heal together. Some major partners have given to the cause… American Airlines was mentioned profusely.

Andy Baldwin, former Bachelor contestant and Navy medic (pictured at left), was on hand for a speech and pictures. He made a generous donation even though his own charity, GotYourBack, fundraises for a similar cause.

And, of course, Everclear was on hand to sign autographs and meet the families.
Super kudos go out to Milinda Jefferson for her organization of this event and her personal and professional commitment to the cause. Congratulations on much success and a job well done.