What’s Inside Counts at JANUS et Cie’s annual Cookie Competition

We usually agree that it’s what’s on the inside that counts.  But Tuesday night, looks mattered.  And tastes did, too.

“The box is a great marketing advertisement,” explained Judge Laetitia Steiner of PAUL Bakery at JANUS et Cie’s annual Cookie and Bakery Box Competition.  “You see the box and you’re like, ‘WOW! It’s gonna be awesome.’  But once you open, then the cookies are like…” sometimes scrumptious, other times… well…

The annual holiday tradition of few rules and oh-so-many-yummies — all to benefit  pediatric cancer programs at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital — consisted of partipants filling a decorated bakery box with a batch of prized cookies for judges Steiner and Alex Bachman (patient at Georgetown) to devour and decide between.

Not a bad gig if you can get it. Especially if the contents are anywhere near as delicious as the package decor.

“I’m not biased about cookies, I like all cookies equally,” Bachman told KSM before announcing the winner, “Wish Upon a Star” cookie maker Jennifer Thomas.  

“Well, except brussel sprout cookies.  Those are gross.”




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