Ruder-Finn Holiday Party

I totally crashed this one, and it may well be the best office holiday party of the season! A snapshot of the awesome affair from one end, courtesy Joe Reblando

Ruder-Finn is a private, family-owned public relations firm located downtown. They specialize in health and wellness PR, but have a number of other areas of expertise, as well as global offices. And their holiday spread was incredible…

I love PR parties because the people are always so fun and willing to meet, network, and share great stories! Honestly, I only meant to stay for a few minutes – maybe half an hour. Two hours later I had to force myself into the elevator. Gold star!

2 thoughts on “Ruder-Finn Holiday Party

  1. Kate! Glad you could make it and that you had fun! It was great to have you there! Even my jaded PR colleagues who are used to working with celebrities were very psyched to have Miss DC 2006 at their own holiday party! Good luck on the new show and if I don’t see ya before the holiday break, I hope you have a great Christmas!!


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