Rock of Ages

Just a small town girl… Elicia MacKenzie stars with American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis on the big stage in the traveling production of Rock of Ages, an arena-rock love story told through 31 1980s hit from the greats like Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Foreigner, Pat Benatar, Whitesnake and so, so many more (but no Def Leppard – licenses couldn’t be secured – so you’ll just have to hear Rock of Ages leaving the theatre post curtain call).

National Theatre returns to the era of big hair, acid washed jeans, Swatch watches and neon… and for two weeks only (July 12-24) becomes that legendary mile and half stretch passing through West Hollywood, CA: the Sunset Strip.

Fake lighters in hand, dressed in 80s cult costume and belting along to their favorite face melting jams, DC’s audience concurs that Rock of Ages (and especially that second half and totally rad rendition of everyone’s favorite “Don’t Stop Believin’…) really rocks.

See here for tickets for this limited engagement of Rock of Ages’ 1st National Tour.

Check out more about the making of this Tony Award winning musical here:

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