Review of DC’s New Car Service, ALTO — and $100 in Credit!

If you’ve ever wished you had a professional driver — but no, not just a rideshare — you’ve been waiting for Alto. Alto is the newest car service to come to the DC area, also operating in Dallas, Houston, LA, Miami, and Silicon Valley, with more cities to come by year’s end.

Alto doesn’t just get you there. It gets you there in style… safely, comfortably, and without many of the hassles that have plagued other driving companies. (We’ve been testing it for months and feel confident that you’ll love it as much as we do.)

Alto’s customized experience starts with luxury vehicles that are branded and clearly belong to the professional Alto fleet. There is an app-based ride ordering system that allows you to see your driver’s route and ETA, but unlike similar services, there are not echelons or car comfort levels to decide between.

The fee is the same no matter how many people are in your party (up to 5); you can make any stops you need along the way; you can preschedule rides in advance; and your driver plus any conveniences they can provide (car chargers, umbrellas, water, and other necessities you may not have remembered you needed) are at your disposal just as a private driver would be. Oh! And you can choose the musical vibe in your car before you even open the door. Alto’s app remembers your preferences.

What’s more, we love that riders don’t have to worry about ratings affecting their ability to get a fast pick-up… or any pick-up at all. And rates actually do include a service fee (/tip), like so many of those early rideshare companies promised at the start. So once you’ve called your car in the app, which stores your membership and credit card payment, everything is handled and you are in good hands.

The only downsides to Alto are that off-peak hours can be limited or totally unavailable, Alto isn’t yet offered in some cities you may be traveling to, and factors do contribute to Alto having slightly higher prices compared to other car services.

Still, DC riders are loving Alto for the extras they receive — and the extras Alto offers its drivers as well. Because ALTO drivers are employees and receive benefits like health insurance and overtime pay.

Now, Alto does all of this on a membership basis, with monthly or annual membership fees unlocking savings, priority booking, and exclusive member perks. These membership fees enable the company to better serve its staff — like paying those employee benefits.

Think you’re ready to try Alto? While we can’t help you avoid the base membership fee (about $12/month), we can start you off with $100 in free ride credit if you are signing up for a new membership. Use code KATE100 when registering to take advantage!

This article is not sponsored. The author has received ride credit from the company to experience Alto and share about it with you. K Street Magazine does not guarantee in perpetuity the use of code KATE100.