National Treasure

I know the sequel, Book Of Secrets came out last weekend, but since I hadn’t seen the first one yet (shocking!) I enjoyed watching National Treasure with my parents and brother on a quiet evening at home. How different things are in Georgia! The book reminded me of “home” since it focused on history and D.C., but I think it took some liberties… For example, I don’t think the paintings on the wall in the Capitol rotunda are also on display in the Archives. It was good but I hope the sequel is better!

One thought on “National Treasure

  1. A Red Mind in a Blue State

    Saw National Treasure II the other evening. The best thing about the movie? Seeing it with my daughters. The second? Diane Kruger.

    The movie, like the first, is fun, certainly more enjoyable if you have no sense of history and can believe in modern day fairy tales. Which means, I guess, that Democrats will enjoy the movie more than us Red-minded folk.

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