Mediocre Mango

I’m prefacing this post with disclosure. Yes, I’m bitter that I was not selected to model at this event. Bitter. With a side order of… bitter.

Still, I was kind of suprised that the Capitol File sponsored party for MNG by Mango wasn’t better attended. Since the better part of the world (my world – DC is my Narnia!) came to the DC Magazine 2nd Anniversary and Cusp runway show earlier this month, I thought DC was in the mood for some serious fashion phenomenons this Fall. Lima brought out some heavyweights – Erwin and James GomezPaul Wharton..Aidah Fontenot…- but somehow the big bang was missing. Sad, because I absolutely love Capitol File!!

I was going to tell “Mr. Mango” that he should have hired me to model his Fall fashions when I saw him later at Teatro, but I got distracted. Fran Drescher was there celebrating her birthday. (A little bird told me it may have been her 50th… but she doesn’t look it at all.) Ok, maybe she should have been modeling for Mango!
These were THE hot ladies at the Capitol File/Mango fashion event at Lima Wednesday night.