Iowa Caucus Results

I know that because I’m usually so politically conscious, one would expect me to have a strong opinion on the Iowa caucus results last night. I don’t. (But I do LOVE the fact that Rudy Giuliani just skipped it entirely!) As much as I like Huckabee, particularly as a person, this is one case where I feel the amount of time and energy (not money) spent campaigning in an area determined the outcome.

On the Democratic front, it certainly is surprising that Hillary came in third, but not surprising that Obama took a strong lead. I’ve been watching and listening to Obama a lot recently, and I think he well understands that, as important as experience may be, people (especially in the Democratic party) are looking for a change agent in this election. #2 is also very handsome!

3 thoughts on “Iowa Caucus Results

  1. America is looking for drastic change so I am not surprised that Obama did so well in Iowa. However, it is especially impressive that Iowa chose him when the black population of this midwestern state is a mere 2.5%. Not only that, but this is the first time since 1924 that neither the sitting president nor the sitting vice president is on the ballot. This is going to be a very exciting race!

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