Inside Capital Solstice’s ‘A Pop Up Black Tie’ Dinner Soiree

20160805_213131_8_bestshotYou don’t have to go Yale University in order to understand the appeal of a secret society. A little secrecy can make an event all the more exciting and eventful!

For one night, Echostage in Northeast DC became the venue for a Capital Solstice’s Pop Up Black Tie Dinner Soiree. This gala was the first time that Capital Solstice ventured outside of New York City.20160805_202340_6_bestshot

Special guests made the gala a multilayered experience. Local radio journalist Guy Lambert was the host for the evening and tried to keep the energy high. Fashion designer Korto Momolu, who appeared on “Project Runway,” told her story about how she followed her dream to enter the arts profession and had models showcase her resort designs across the room instead of a catwalk. Cecily, who recently sang at the Howard Theatre and The Kennedy Center, performed cover songs and original songs 20160805_192810_7_bestshoton stage. Radio personality Sunni and the City was there… and her presence is enough to elevate an event.

However, it is to be expected that behind a gala is a cause to champion. In this case, Becky’s Fund was the organization that would get financial support from the event. Becky Lee from Becky’s Fund attended the event and spoke about domestic violence and how it affects many people.

Another added layer to the event was the food – 10 different courses were listed on the menu and the food took people’s taste buds into new territories.

Lambert was right that this isn’t a “typical” black tie party.  Could it be the advent of new changes in the gala scene?! Only time will tell.

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