Theatre: ‘Incognito’ at Source, a Head-Scratcher Study of the Human Brain

Gerrad Alex Taylor, Marcus Kyd, Ixchel Hernández, Kari Ginsburg. Image credit: DJ Corey Photography

Constellation Theatre Company continues its 16th season with a literal mind-boggler, Incognito, a “transatlantic mystery” that has audiences sitting up and really thinking, using their brains to focus on a story about the workings of the mind.

Gerrad Alex Taylor and Marcus Kyd. Image credit: DJ Corey Photography

Now — reading the playbill is important here — as three stories and twenty characters interweave… and all of it is played by an ensemble of only four actors, so sometimes the flow can be a head-scratcher.

One scientist is overwhelmed with the need to study Albert Einstein’s brain to examine if answers to his brilliance could be found there; a musician with cognitive brain deficiency seems to have forgotten all but his lover; and a neuropsychologist seeks to find herself, based on struggles with her past and current familial and romantic relationships.

Marcus Kyd and Kari Ginsburg. Image credit: DJ Corey Photography

Sometimes the action seems to stray unnecessarily and complicate the already puzzling conundrums in the play, but the overarching theme is the human brain, from identity to memory to genetics, and that certainly sparks curiosity.

Each of Incognito’s four actor cast was exceptional, but special shout-out to the particularly captivating Gerrad Alex Taylor.

Incognito runs through March 12, 2023 at Source (1835 14th St. NW). No intermission. Tickets, $20-55, here.