I got blogged again…

Someone ran across this in a blog posting yesterday which made me laugh. Thanks for sharing!

PS: While dealing in Miss DC ‘05 (Patterson’s girl) and ‘07 (JC’s girl), a search for Miss DC ‘06 had to be conducted. You know, just to see if she’s dating Andray Blatche or something. Results reveal that her name is Kate Michael, and, strangely enough, she has a blog and co-hosts a sports TV show. Relationship status? Unknown.” (From Mr. Irrelevant)

Besides the fact that if they had read my blog they would know my relationship status… Why can no one understand the difference between the Miss America system and the Miss USA system?? I outline it for you here in this prior post.

Here’s the stats for those still having trouble:

Miss America contestants –
Shannon Schambeau Miss DC 2005
Kate Michael Miss DC 2006
Shayna Rudd Miss DC 2007
Miss USA contestants –
Candace Allen Miss DC USA 2006
Mercedes Lindsay Miss DC USA 2007
Kate Michael Miss DC USA 2008 (???)