House Party of the Year

It isn’t often that we get printed invitations in the mail these days. Given my love for traditional ettiquette, I knew I must attend, but as usual, had no idea what I was getting myself into! My friend, Pam Brown was having a housewarming with her new roommates (Stephen Ball, Quinn Bradlee and Lindsey Volckmann), and I was invited to dinner, drinks, and dancing to enjoy the house. I didn’t expect such an affair – and what a house!

Arriving late, just as the cocktail hour was ending, I quickly toured the house – amazing!! – but found everyone outside, enjoying the fresh air… and waiting to head down to where the tennis courts were covered with a HUGE tent and seated dinner arrangements.

It did seem uncannily like a wedding, but the band was awesome, the catering delicious, and the social sights unbelievable! Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn were there, of course, along with other of the Fab Four’s parents… such as Pamela Brown’s mother, Phyllis George, Miss America 1971, and the list only goes on from there!
With the party such an amazing success, I’m sure the house will see much more entertaining. Rumors already abound concerning a film project/cooking show to feature Quinn and Stephen’s talents…