Goodbye Baseball at RFK

I HAD to go to the last baseball game at RFK Stadium. Yes, there was also a Redskins game Sunday afternoon, but this was the last baseball game EVER at RFK!

Dina Davalle and Pamela Sorensen were headed to the game, too, so Anna Kimsey and I offered to carpool and had them join us in the Diamond Club for the outrageous brunch served there before the Sunday games.
The house was packed. Over 40,000 fans… and we won! We deafeated the Phillies 5 to 3.

As you probably know, I’m a HUGE fan of the Racing Presidents. I just knew that Sunday was going to be the day when Teddy was going to have his first win… but no. He raced to the new stadium instead, only showing up later in the game, and missing the crowd chanting, “We want Teddy! We want Teddy!” during the race. From what I understood from Stan Kasten, we may have to wait a long time to see Teddy break the winner’s ribbon.

To commemorate the occasion, players shook hands with fans as they entered the stadium, a former Senator pitcher threw out the last “first pitch,” and the team came together to dig up home plate so that it can be transeferred to its place in the new stadium for the opening next Spring.
Go Nats!