Encouraging Youth Service

I was recently contacted by a 7th grader whose Father I had met while making a charity appearance as Miss DC. Even at the young age of 12, he wants to make a difference in his Gaithersburg community.

“I love sports,” he said. “But, I always have the equipment I need. Other kids don’t always have… even such basics as shoes. The City of Gaithersburg Department of Parks, Recreation, and Culture offers sports programs for kids and often even provides uniforms. However…kids need shoes. You can’t step out onto a court without sneakers.”

So yesterday I sent him 4 pair. It’s easy! Wal-Mart even has some on clearance. If you want to help, send new youth shoes to the cause:

Andy’s Shoe Mission
444 Placid Street
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

You can contact Andy for more information at sportsman1995@yahoo.com. Thanks for helping advance the cause of youth fitness.