Do I Make a Good Food Critic?

I’ve been trying out some new restos lately… while I still have my favs, there is some good new stuff out there. And these restauranteurs are really innovative!

A group of gal friends and I met for a charity event planning session at Rock Creek Mazza last weekend. Kind of like a Lean Cuisine, this place is all about portion size (but tastes waaaay better). Each entree has only 500 calories and is made up mindfully of good carbs, fats and proteins. The butternut squash soup and chicken sandwhich on rye were surprisingly delicious and filling.

The coolest part? We always say we want ‘just a bite’ or maybe two of some scrumptious dessert. Well, you can have it! I’ve never seen bites listed on the dessert menu, and I think it’s a tasteful idea.