Day 4 – Venetian Gondola Rides

Of course we rehearsed for the larger part of the day, but that’s not the exciting part…
Excitement Part I: Jennifer Berry (Miss America), the President of the Children’s Miracle Network, and two “miracle children” posed for pictures with each of the contestants. A press release with the photo will be sent to newspapers in our states or local areas. Since this is the first time we have had the chance to see Jennifer since our arrival in Las Vegas, the contestants presented her with a rhinestone jacket that matches the ones we had made for ourselves.
Excitement Part II: We left the Aladdin by bus for the Venetian Resort & Casino. There, we were greeted by jesters and stiltwalkers, singers and trumpeteers. The Venetian treated us to a delicious dessert reception and rides on their famous gondolas! Grazie!
Excitement Part III: We found out that we will meet the judges for the first time tomorrow for a few minutes at rehearsal. Hope to make a great first impression!