Corcoran Gallery, GW University & National Gallery of Art Propose Historic Collaboration

The Corcoran Gallery of Art and Corcoran College of Art and Design, the National Gallery of Art, and the George Washington University (GW) today announced a proposed collaboration to “safeguard” and potentially increase public access to the art museum’s iconic collection.  After a failed test of the market to sell the main gallery building in 2012, this collaboration may be a relief to those who seek to maintain the historic Corcoran building for exhibitions, continue the College’s programs and also expand interdisciplinary opportunities between the Corcoran, GW and National Gallery of Art.

From the release:

“Our three institutions are now entering a working period to set the definitive terms of a collaboration, under which the Corcoran College of Art and Design would become a part of the George Washington University. GW would operate the College, maintain its distinct identity, and assume ownership of, and responsibility for, the Corcoran building.  The National Gallery of Art would organize and present exhibitions of modern and contemporary art within the building under the name Corcoran Contemporary, National Gallery of Art. The National Gallery would also maintain and program a Corcoran Legacy Gallery within the building, displaying a selection of works from the collection that are closely identified with the 17th Street landmark. These and other works of the Corcoran collection would become the responsibility of the National Gallery of Art. Works accessioned by the National Gallery would bear the credit line “Corcoran Collection.”  For works not accessioned by the National Gallery, the Corcoran, in consultation with the National Gallery, will develop a distribution policy and program.”    — Peggy Loar, Interim Director and President (Corcoran Gallery of Art)


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