Champagne Tasting @ Indeblue

Girls’ Night Out bursts out a mildly educational bubble.

We’re never shy about celebrating with the bubbly… so this was the perfect occasion for us to have a girly get-together.

Kat Minor, this week’s birthday girl (I am starting to think it’s one perpetual birthday in this town!) succeeded in planning her bash to stand out from the status quo. She arranged for Indebleu to host a Girls Champagne Tasting and dinner last Wednesday night. Sommelier Saeed Bennani directed the event, teaching almost 20 female friends to taste and enjoy various champagnes and sparkling wines.
He could have diverted into the technical aspects of producing champange, but knowing his audience, he kept the night light and fun. We did leave knowing why champagne corks have that mushroom shape. Do you? No, not because champignon (close to champagne) is French for mushroom. The pressure from the carbonation produced inside the champagne bottle pushes the cork to spill over in the process of champagne-making.
We really did learn a little and have a lot of fun!