RHWDC: It’s On!

We caught up with the majority of the Real Housewives of DC castmembers at the afterparty of their show premiere put on by Washington Life at Buddha Bar Thursday night to find out how they felt about the first episode. (Surprise! The Salahis were not… Read More

Sound BITES:

“There are some comedians in Washington!”   – Daphne Ziman, Founder, Children Uniting Nations, shown below with Randy and Jermaine Jackson. (In response to Congressman Jim McDermott‘s dig on the glories of California: “I’m Jim McDermott and I’m from Seattle.  That’s not California!  Although I… Read More

Matt, not Mike

Kate,I luv you, but its Matt not Mike. Ha ha. Iknow how busy you are. Thanks, Matt Wow. Inexcusable. But I’m reading Ted Sorensen’s Counselor and must have mistaken him for JFK’s Speechwriter #2 🙂 So I fixed it. See below. Love you, MATT!

“You have a secret admirer.” – The receptionist in my condo building, this morning, telling me the maintenance man had asked her to give me his phone number. Yep, that’s maintenance man #2, and I’ve only been there a month! Does this mean I’m high… Read More

Quote of the Day

“In D.C., perception is everything. It sucks if people are getting dragged through the mud unjustifiably, but we’re in a town built on judging things by how they appear on face.” -Anonymous poster on LNS