Bryce Harlow – Advocacy with Integrity

In addition to serving my community as Miss District of Columbia this year, I was also honored to be selected a fellow of the Bryce Harlow Foundation. This foundation awarded (this year) 17 students, who work full time and attend graduate degree programs part time, with a generous academic scholarship.

There are several purposes to the Bryce Harlow Foundation. One is to remember Bryce Harlow, a man of character and integrity, who worked tirelessly for his community. Second, to further academic pursuits in lobbying and public/government affairs. And lastly, to give scholars an opportunity to further their knowledge of the field of advocacy and help them to network in this area, while practicing advocacy with the ideals of Bryce Harlow.

I attended the annual Bryce Harlow Foundation Awards Gala was held last week on Capitol Hill. Myself and the other 16 scholars were identified, and other distinct honors were awarded. Thank you to Linda Dooley, President of the Bryce Harlow Foundation, for her incredible work at the Foundation, and for her wonderful introduction of me at the dinner as not only a scholar, but also Miss District of Columbia!