Birthdays at BLT

I’ve noticed a trend among my friends – we seem to have a favorite “birthday party spot.”

It’s most unusual for two reasons… that we should all find the food and atmosphere of the same restaurant appealing to celebrate our big day, and that we should all venture outside of Georgetown (our preferred social scene) and still have such a great time!

BLT Steakhouse served my big birthday bash dinner last March and has since feted Tai Mullen, Christina Martin, (others I’m sure I’ve missed) and last night, Shannon Snow.

We love it because the servers understand service, the atmosphere is chic, and the menu pleases everyone. You absolutely must have the giant cheese popovers! The gnocci is amazing, I don’t even have to tell you how wonderful the steaks are… and if you save room, it’ll be the best peanut butter pie you’ve ever tasted. (Even if you don’t save room, you should still nibble the chocolate confections brought with your check while they are warm and chewy.)

We always have such a great time. Whose birthday is next!?!