An Author and A Lot More

My Father, who I largely credit for my love of reading, has read every Jeff Shaara novel written (I haven’t, but I read his father’s novel, The Killer Angels which turned him on to writing in the first place). So when Jeff’s book signing tour for The Steel Wave brought him to the Press Club for a small group discussion, I HAD to brave the stromy weather and get a book signed for Dad.

His talk was riveting. I love to hear how authors think up the ideas for their novels, how they research them, and the writing process… and Jeff has this amazing way of making history exciting. Though it’s not hard to make history exciting to me – I love it!! Can’t wait to read the new book!

But last night was proof that sometimes you just HAVE to put a good book down, because I also had to dash through the monsoon and rush over to the Park Hyatt’s 2 year anniversary party. Last night’s delicious dishes were even better than the Valentine’s dinner I enjoyed there earlier this year, so I’d say the place is aging beautifully. Maybe it’s the “fault” of new General Manager, Walter Brindell. Sadly, we did have to say goodbye last night to Michael Mouraw and wish him luck at Andaz West Hollywood.

And FINALLY, I made it over to Tattoo (Can you believe that it was my first time at Tattoo?? Where have I been?? Busy!) for the Summer Singles Bash hosted by pretty much every one of my ‘single’ friends. The Tiffany tunes (and all the best from the 80’s, 90’s and today) were rocking. No word yet on any hook-ups from the singles bash leading to sweet summer love…

Didn’t get enough last night? Tonight is the Nats/Cardinals game with a reception to follow in honor of some of our favorite players, the Smithsonian Young Benefactors Polo Cup Kick-Off (hosted by Capitol File) at the Argentine Embassy, and Madison’s Mad in Madras at Smith Point!