The UnaBomber’s Log Cabin

OMGoodness, the UnaBomber’s Log Cabin is coming to the Newseum! I’m not sure why this is so exciting, it’s actually pretty morbid, but I’m just amazed that this new museum has such an incredible exhibit coming so soon after opening.

It might be hard to justify a $20 ticket price in the city of the Free Smithsonian, but on Friday June 20th, we’ll be able to see the cabin, John Dillinger’s death mask, and the electric chair in which Bruno Hauptmann was executed (he kidnapped Lindbergh’s baby). Remember when the Newseum was cool just because you could pretend to be a newscaster??

This exhibit “explores the role of the media in shaping the bureau’s image and the sometimes cooperative, sometimes combative relationship between the press and the FBI.” A must see.