A Rookery in the Neighborhood

Jeff Dufour of the Examiner claims that Webster’s dictionary defines Rookery as a “haunt for gregarious animals.” After an extremely hush-hush opening party last night, I went to Mr. Webster myself to find out why Bo had chosen the name.

Main Entry: rook·ery
1 a: the nests or breeding place of a colony of
rooks; also 2: a crowded dilapidated tenement or group of

Well, the recently renovated building certainly wasn’t dilapidated (though that seems to be the particular draw of Bo’s other basement bar – Smith Point). And I’m not just talking about a new coat of paint; the hard wood floors were so freshly polished that more than one partier nearly crashed and burned! But there were plenty of people in attendance to pick them up (or cushion the fall)…

The opening was a well-kept and invitational secret, but an event no one wanted to miss. The two floor, soon-to-be restaurant was as well stocked as its barmostly with the usual crowd along with some fun social surprises. From now on, THE LIST is in full effect. Private is the passkey – although the exact details on joining the exclusive club are yet to be detailed.

I hope to be a regular – especially as it’s in my new neighborhood (more on that exciting news to come!!) – and because this is sure to be a “breeding place of a colony of” fun friends.